I am now done watching the week 2 videos from my NLP course on Coursera. I have never been so enthusiastic before, taking a course online and doing it so seriously. The one unique feature of coursera I like is all the lectures are split into multiple short segment videos of max 10 - 15 minutes each. This is good because me as a listener does not get bored and get bombarded with too much of information at once.

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I am currently enrolled in to an Natural Language Processing Course on Coursera. I just cant describe how awesome Coursera is, and that would be a separate blog post. I just finished watching the Week 1 lectures and this is what I learned The language modelling problem Markov Processes First order Markov Process Second order Markov Process Unigram, Bigram and the Trigram models Evaluating Language Models: perplexity Estimation Techniques Linear Interpolation Discounting methods I dedicate about 8 - 10 hours on average per week for my coursera class.

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