I reviewed this paper as part of my Computer Communications course at USC. Introduction YouTube traffic is bursty. These bursts trigger packet losses and stress router queues, causing TCP congestion-control algorithm to kick in. The paper provides an implementation called Trickle, a server side mechanism which uses TCP to rate limit YouTube video streaming. Trickle paces the video stream by placing an upper bound on TCP’s congestion window. YouTube follows the concept of just-in-time delivery i.

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I use foursquare a lot, I mean a lot! So, a few months back I decided to write a foursquare application which would make sense of my foursquare check-in’s. My main goal was to track number of visits to different kinds of places. That’s when I decided to build HowMany, an app which summarizes your foursquare check-in’s for you. Currently HowMany summarizes: How many Starbucks Coffee shops you have been to How many Restuarants you have been to How many Airports you have been to How many Muliplexes/Movie theatre’s you have been to How many Shopping Mall’s you have been to How many Resedential Buildings you have been to This app makes use of the foursquare venue history API to get the information about your past check-in’s.

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Most of the modern web applications these days which have a more dominant read workload, experience significant infrastructure challenges. One of the primary challenges is to improve the user response time. This in turn leads to more user engament, and more revenue via Advertisements. Facebook currently solves this problem using memcached as a building block to build memcache, and scale it to support one of the largest social networking sites in the world.

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Summer 2013 goals

Summer is coming, and this summer I would be doing an internship at Sunnyvale. The post title says summer 2013 goals and there is a reason behind it. I recently attended a talk and Adam Cheyer spoke. The summary of his talk was “You can do more than you think you could do”. So I am going to try something new, verbally state goals and try every bit to accomplish them.

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San Diego Day Trip

I have not been able to blog for a while now as I have been very busy this spring semester at USC. During the spring break at USC me along with few friends of mine made a day trip to San Diego. It was all decided in the last moment, and it was an amazing success. We booked a rental car from enterprise and the renting price was dirt cheap. We had a rough estimate of what places we would be visiting in San Diego.

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