I live in San Jose, California and often I am on the lookout for quick weekend getaways. Portland is one, if you find cheaper flight deals. Usually Alaska Airlines has some nice deals throughout the year. You can subscribe to those on the Alaska Airlines website and keep a lookout for deals in your inbox. I travelled to Portland, Oregon with a friend of mine for the weekend as we got really cheap flights for 290$ round trip for both of us.

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Staying in a hostel

I have been traveling quite a bit in the past couple of years and I have mostly stayed at hotels. However during my last vacation, I went to Maui and stayed in a hostel for a week. I have come to realize on how much fun I have missed all these years. This was my first time staying at a hostel and it was a refreshing experience. Diversity. In just under a week, I had met people from Switzerland, Germany, London, Australia, Costa Rica, Colombia, France, Czech Republic, Canada, Singapore and Spain.

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I came to the US in August 2012 for pursuing my masters in Computer Science at USC. Since then, when not studying and working on my assignments I travelled. I am writing this post because I want to tell a story and will do so using pictures which I clicked while I travelled. I live in Los Angeles. So went and saw the Hollywood sign up-close.

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San Diego Day Trip

I have not been able to blog for a while now as I have been very busy this spring semester at USC. During the spring break at USC me along with few friends of mine made a day trip to San Diego. It was all decided in the last moment, and it was an amazing success. We booked a rental car from enterprise and the renting price was dirt cheap. We had a rough estimate of what places we would be visiting in San Diego.

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First of all wishing everyone a very Happy 2013 ahead. I bet everyone has a list of things which they would want to do before they die often called as “bucket list”. Well I am no different and I have a few of my own and I am glad that I was finally able to complete one among them i.e to celebrate New Years in Time’s Square in New York. For my winter break of 2012, I decided to spend the last week of December exploring New York City.

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New York Unpluggd

First of all wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and hope this year is awesome for you. I am finally back from an awesome vacation and I had been to New York for my vacation. I could not have asked for a better time, the last week of december and celebrating the New Year Time Square.

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