One Cup of Coffee

I always enjoy good coffee, but I love it more when I make some myself :P. For the last few months or so, I have been making coffee at home. I first started of with a cheap coffee maker, and some beans pre-ground from the grocery store. This was okay for a while, but things changed when I began to try pour over coffee at different coffee shops. This slowly turned into an obsession.

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Live Breathe Explore

I am often asked this question on how I am able to find time to do so many things. Work, Travel, Food, Adventure, Photography I do them all. My answer is simple, we are here for a short period of time and we have to make sure you make best use of it. I am just listing few things which you should consider doing if you aren’t doing it already.

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Summer 2013 goals

Summer is coming, and this summer I would be doing an internship at Sunnyvale. The post title says summer 2013 goals and there is a reason behind it. I recently attended a talk and Adam Cheyer spoke. The summary of his talk was “You can do more than you think you could do”. So I am going to try something new, verbally state goals and try every bit to accomplish them.

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I have just been around 4 months in the US and I have already completed one semester at USC now. I took three courses this semester namely Operating Systems, Introduction to Computer Networks & Web Technologies. I got an opportunity to do interesting projects during this semester. I worked on building the weenix kernel and successfully built the scheduler, process & thread management blocks, Virtual File System and got a basic shell running.

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Well, as the post title says I am now a Graduate Student Assistant at the University of Southern California :-) I no longer have to pay any tuition towards my masters and I would also be getting a generous stipend on a monthly basis. This meant free education!! I never ever imagined in my wildest of dreams for this to happen. Such a thing is very rare for masters students especially here at USC.

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