I have been traveling quite a bit in the past couple of years and I have mostly stayed at hotels. However during my last vacation, I went to Maui and stayed in a hostel for a week. I have come to realize on how much fun I have missed all these years. This was my first time staying at a hostel and it was a refreshing experience.

  • Diversity. In just under a week, I had met people from Switzerland, Germany, London, Australia, Costa Rica, Colombia, France, Czech Republic, Canada, Singapore and Spain.

  • People. They were the best part of my hostel experience. I realized how amazing people around us are. I have made some great friends during my stay. I can proudly say that I have a home to stay when I visit them.

  • Learning. I like information. In a week, I have to come to know that education is free in Germany, Kangaroos are dumb, there is something called the Au Pair program, the train timings are so good in Switzerland that they use it to set their watches, a supercool app for keeping track of the different beers you had, legal drinking age in Germany is 16 and what not.

  • Influence. The kind of people around you influence you a lot. I was inspired to see so many fellow travelers writing post cards to their loved ones and friends around the world. I got influenced and started this as a new hobby. I sent out my first set of postcards :-)

  • Socializing. I have partied every single night. Everyday was different, from drinking games to sharing each other’s travel experiences, from refreshing live Spanish music to salsa dancing.

This is just a birds eye view of my hostel experience. You have got to stay in one to realize what actually it feels like. So let go of your fears, get out there, explore, say hello to new people and trust me it will change you forever. If you ever visit Maui, don’t forget to stay at the Banana Bungalow Hostel :-)