Summer is coming, and this summer I would be doing an internship at Sunnyvale. The post title says summer 2013 goals and there is a reason behind it. I recently attended a talk and Adam Cheyer spoke. The summary of his talk was “You can do more than you think you could do”. So I am going to try something new, verbally state goals and try every bit to accomplish them.

So my aim this summer is to accomplish all the below stated goals:

  • Visit 50+ restaurants. No repeatations. Try and maximize the variety of cuisines.
  • Hit the Gym everyday.
  • Complete atleast one item in my bucket list
  • Finish this list
  • Explore the Bay Area.
  • Wine Tasting in Napa Valley.
  • Finish reading one Novel.
  • Work on a pet project.
  • Stick to 9 to 5 routine :-)
  • Complete a course in Coursera and don’t leave it halfway.

Looking forward for an exciting summer!