I have not been able to blog for a while now as I have been very busy this spring semester at USC. During the spring break at USC me along with few friends of mine made a day trip to San Diego. It was all decided in the last moment, and it was an amazing success.

We booked a rental car from enterprise and the renting price was dirt cheap. We had a rough estimate of what places we would be visiting in San Diego.

We left Los Angeles around 6.15 AM and picked up friends from there respective houses. I drove to San Diego in under 1.45 hrs as there was no much traffic. Our first stop was at La Jolla. We decided to Kayaking here in the ocean. The other three friends of mine initially disagreed as the water was really very cold. However I managed to force them and they finally agreed. We booked the kayak tour from this place. We all got geared up, got all the necessary instructions on how to kayak as this was the first time for all of us. It was an amazing experience kayaking with waves. Me and my friend Mazek fell from our Kayak a couple of time before we got going. The water was super cold. Finally we managed to start off. We kayaked to deeper waters, saw sea lions in their natural habitat, saw various sea weeds (kelp), algae etc. The guide was really good and he explained about marine life, sea lions etc. Overally it was an amazing experience for all of us. Three of us did not know to swim, lifejackets and Abinesh (who knew to swim) were our only saviour ;-)

la jolla kayak

[After Kayaking for 2 hours]

We then had breakfast at a nice French restaurant in La Jolla. We then heaeded to seal beach in La Jolla and after spending some time there we headed to USS Midway mueseum. USS Midway is a retired aircraft carrier of the US Navy. It was humungous in size. On board the USS Midway we had a fighter plane simulator experience and it was thrilling and we experienced a lot of adrealine rush. We also got educated about different aspects of landing jets on such carriers. There is a lot of physics behind all this and there is no margin for error.

uss midway

[On Board USS Midway]

Once we completed this, we headed to Corona Beach and saw some fighter jets here. There is a US Naval base by corona beach. We decided to take a nap here on the beach.

The next stop was Gaslamp District Downtown San Diego. As it was St Patricks day the entire downtown in full party mode. People drunk, dressed in green and partying. We decided to eat at a Middle eastern place. Our dinner was some awesome shavarma’s and falafals’.

We then decided to drive back home. Mazek drove us all back safely :) and were back in Los Angeles by 10.30PM the same.

Overall it was a plesant trip with lot of adventure. If you live around the Los Angeles area you should definitely plan a trip to San Diego.