If you read one of my old posts, I showed you how to thank your friends when they wished you on your birthday on your facebook wall. Now I will show you how to wish your facebook friends on their birthdays programatically.

Before you get started, you need the following setup on your machine:

  • Get the Facebook access token: Head to this link and get the api token. Select publish_actions , publish_stream , read_stream , status_update , friends_birthdays' anduser_about_me` options when obtaining the API token.

  • Install the facepy python library from here

  • Download my app from github

  • In the script fb_bday_wisher.py replace FB_API_KEY with the key you generated in step 1

Now run your application

  • Run the app python fb_bday_wisher.py


This is a very simple app and the code is self explanatory.

Future Enhancements

  • Support exceptions. You may not want to wish a specific friend :D
  • Wish people on their anniversaries and other life events and make the app more generic

If you wish to contribute, please fork away