First of all wishing everyone a very Happy 2013 ahead. I bet everyone has a list of things which they would want to do before they die often called as “bucket list”. Well I am no different and I have a few of my own and I am glad that I was finally able to complete one among them i.e to celebrate New Years in Time’s Square in New York. For my winter break of 2012, I decided to spend the last week of December exploring New York City. I would be writing about my visit in a separate blog entry. However New York is truely an awesome city and I had a great time.

On 31st December 2012, I was there at Time’s Square by 6.00 PM. A friend of mine also had tagged along with and apparently it was one of her childhood dreams too. All the streets were blocked and well guarded by NYPD. I just got to know that if we had to get closer to the place where the performances were held, we apparently had to purchase tickets and they were sold out long back. We then headed to the 49th Street from where we had a clear view of the New Year Ball. It was another 5+ hours of wait and the crowd was already swelling. Freezing in cold, hungry and waiting for the clock to tick twelve it was one hell of a wait. While I waited I meet a lot of interesting and fun people. I met a couple from slovakia, and couple from England. Then there were these three girls who were trying to entertain the crowd around us by singing. They were pretty damn good and I mean singing ;-). Then I met a history professor from North Carolina, a nanny from germany and local New Yorker who was trying to teach English to a Italian girl. I was asked whether I was having a tough time here studying, the dowry system in India, arranged marriages, languages I spoke, what would I do after my masters and a few more. I tried to answer them all. This kept me occupied and the time just flew by. Apart from this there was PSY performing gangam style, there was Carley Jay Jepsen singing Call Me May Be, some Taylor Swift, and few others I dont recall.

It was finally 11.59PM and the countdown had begun, you could hear all those millions of people at Time’s Square counting down. This moment I think can’t be described, it’s just to be experienced or rather felt in person. The Ball dropped, people kissed, wished each other and there I was celebrating New Year’s at Time Square and it was finally time to strike that wish of my list. I hope I get to complete everything in my never ending wishlist :-)

Here are some pictures:

The New Year Ball

New Year Ball

The Crowd

Sea of People

Gangam Style

Gangam Style

And the clock struck 12

Happy New Year

And the kiss