The day had come July 5 2012 and that’s the day when I quit my first job which I joined right after college on the same day couple of years back. I joined work at D E Shaw & Co after getting selected from campus. I still remember my interview and it went for almost over an hour and the wait after it to see who all got through. The wait for the results was a nervous one as everyone hoped that they get selected as it was one of those companies which provided a handsome compensation. The results were anounced and I was one among the five selected from my college and I was on cloud nine then.

During the two years at D E Shaw, I have had a lot of fun working. Yes, there were times where I bitched about what I was doing ( who doesn’t :P) but I hung on. The best thing which I personally liked about my workplace was it’s work culture. You could come in to office at any time, wear what you like, talk to whomever you like he is your friend etc. I have never been to parties before I joined D E Shaw, but once I joined there were parites every quarter.

So why did I quit ? I wanted to pursue my masters in computer science. A lot of them still ask me why do I need masters, you are already working for a company which pays you sufficient and many such questions. Honestly, I always wanted to do my masters and you may call this as one of my dreams. I just wanted to pursues it. It’s a different experience, a new journey and a new challenge. So I am now headed to University of Southern California this August and it feels awesome to be a student again.

There’s a saying that one always remembers his first job and its true I will definitely miss working at D E Shaw and will always cherish it. It’s time to move on now and head back to college again.