I was recently travelling to Shimoga from Mangalore. Shimoga is my mom’s paternal place. I always used to visit this place while I was a kid every summer vacation. I still remember the games I used to play ther while I was a kid. But this time I was visiting to say “Good Bye” as I am leaving to US in a week’s time.

So, the route from Mangalore to Shimoga is just scenic. Especially the Agumbe Ghats with 14 intense hair pin curves and loads of greenery. During this journey I started to think about my childhood and got lots of memories back and hence writing them down here

  • Those days on Yahoo Chatrooms, where we used to ASL please (Age, Sex, Location) and hoping that some cute female would respond :)
  • You still had to call a girl on her landline and muster all the courage to ask for her.
  • Owning a hero pen with authentic chineese nib earned you respect.
  • How people freaked about the Y2K problem. I still remember the tense New Year Celebrations that time around. My Dad had been to the bank at 11.30 PM in the night
  • Watching Javagal Srinath pinch hit :)
  • Jadeja and Robin Singh were our so called Finishers
  • Mom preparing Rasana during summer vaccations.
  • BSNL Sanchar Net still ensured porn loaded one byte at a time ;-)
  • Wearing the white dress and white canvas shoes every Saturday
  • April 10th was always the result day and going to school with parents to receive the report card where parents worried about how much did the xyz guy/girl scored.
  • June 1st was always when the schools started

And there are many such memories. If I do remember more I will update this post.