I am not sure how many of you already know about this or started using this tool called ack. I was recently introduced to this by one of my colleagues at work. So what is ack ? ack is a super fast and efficient grep. I have been using it extensively and I am no longer a grepper :)

Why ack ?

  • It’s Fast : Ack only searches the stuff that makes sense to search. Perl’s regular expressions are highly optimized.
  • It’s Portable : ack is pure Perl
  • It ignores VCS directories: ack recursively searches by default while ignoring your .git, .svn, cvs and other VCS directories.
  • Perl regular expressions: For example, to generate a list of all files #included in your C code, use this:

    ack --cc '#include\s+<(.*)>' --output '$1' -h

  • Match highlighting: ack has flexible match highlighting, where you can specify the colors to use in its output.

  • \“ack\” is shorter than \“grep\” to type ;)

So go ahead and use ack. You can intall it from here