Yesterday i.e March 7 2012 was when the new iPad announcement was made at the Apple Event. I desperately wanted to watch this event, however there was no live streaming. However there was live blogging about the event. So what is live blogging ? A liveblog is a blog post which is intended to provide a rolling textual coverage of an ongoing event, similar to Live television or live radio.

So this was the first time ever where I was following an event via a live blog. There were plenty of live blogs for the Apple event on technology blogs like mashable, theverge, engadget and many more. Of all these I found the engadget one the best. You can see the engadget blog here. The experience was equivalent to watching the event live. I entusiastically tweeted too and for almost couple of hours my twitter timeline was full tweets related to this apple event. In a whole, it was an awesome experience. I would recomend you to try this sometime

So, finally the new iPad was anounced yesterday. It comprises of a A5x processor, 5MP Camera, Retina Display, supports 4G and obviously 1080p goodness :) The 16GB WiFi model costs around 499$ and while the price for the iPad 2 WiFi model was reduced by a 100$ and it now costs 399$. Apart from the new iPad, iOS 5.1 was released yesterday, Apple TV now supports 1080p, and Siri now supports some new foreign languages too.