You must be all knowing that if you are a Kindle Fire user outside of US, you cannot install apps from Amazon App Store, not even the free apps. I recently rooted my Kindle Fire and was able to install most of the apps. However there were few Apps on the Android market which were free but it complained that it was not compaitble for my Kindle Fire. However these apps were available on the Amazon app store and I wanted to install it from there.

Steps to Install Free Apps from Amazon Appstore

  • Visit you account and add a new credit/debit card.
  • Since it is a free App you don’t need a working credit card. There are a lot of test Amex credit card numbers and you can pick one from here
  • Set the expiry period mmyy to a later date
  • Add a US billing address. This should not be difficult to generate one :)
  • Make this as your default one click payment method while you choose to install free apps.

Also, amazon app store has a concept of Free App of the Day where a paid app is available for free for the day. So you can use this method for installing those apps as well.

Drop a comment below if you have difficulty in setting this up.