As Jeff Bezos says in his presentation Kindle Fire is a premium product sold at a non premium price and he is damn right about that. I recently bought a Kindle Fire from amazon. My colleague from New York was visiting the Hyderabad office and he got that for me :)

Why I bought Kindle Fire ?

  • I needed a touch device to play with as I never owned one. I first thought of buying iPod touch, but thanks to @varunkumar who suggested me to buy the Kindle Fire :)
  • Yes, Kindle is not an iPad killer but it costs 13 the price of iPad. So you should never compare it with iPad
  • It runs Android 2.3 which is customized by Amazon
  • It has an awesome display and gorilla glass too.
  • You can hold it in one hand :)
  • Value for money!!

I have been using the Kindle Fire for all most a week now and have not found any issues with it.

Kindle Fire and its advantages

  • I loved the display and resolution.
  • A very nice touch response. I know that in the earlier firmwares it was a little flaky but the latest firmware(v6.2.2) fixes all of it.
  • Browsing on the Kindle Fire is decent enough. It has Amazon Silk browser. I haven’t seen the significant faster page loads as amazon claims. It all boils down to your WiFi connection I believe.
  • Simple and neat music player.
  • Kindle reader app is just awesome. You can read books with comfort. It doesn’t strain your eyes at all. Please note that it does not have the revolutionary e-ink technology.
  • Easy to carry and you can hold the device in one hand comfortably.

Apps on Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire enforces you to buy apps from the Amazon App Store which is currently valid only in the US. Also, you cannot install the Android Market too :(. If you have a US credit card and a US billing address then you can install apps from the Amazon App store. Don’t be disappointed there are lot of workarounds for installing the apps on your Kindle Fire:) They are: * Root your kindle and then install the Android Market. See this article on XDA Forums * You can download the apk file for your app and there are lot of websites online which provide these apk’s I haven’t rooted my kindle fire yet, but by following the second method above I have almost all the popular apps on my Kindle Fire now.


  • It has a fixed 8G internal memory. But for that price I think it’s worth it and no slot for external memory card.
  • The App store being locked to US. I don’t see any reason on why it should’nt be open to other countries:(. As I said there are workarounds.
  • No 3G support. (I know this is too much to expect for that price)


Kindle Fire is a decent tablet. It just costs 199$ and it’s worth the money. I think amazon is selling the device at a loss and they are relying on content purchases from it. So if you need a tablet to browse, play games, read books, watch movies and you are looking for a budget device then you should go for Kindle Fire. You will see a lot of mixed reviews online, but trust my words its really an awesome device.

If you are confused about your decision to buy this, please leave a comment below or mail me at: pradeep1228 at gmail dot com