Of late I have been very active on github and reading a lot of code and contributing as well. It just amazes me on how geeks around the world are developing so many cool applications and maintaining them. The best part is that its FREE and you can reuse it.

I should have started contributing on github while I did my engineering but never really took it seriously. Over the last couple of weeks I have learned a lot of new technology. The major one being working with git version management system. Trust me, git is one of the coolest version management system ever. Even at my workplace most of the codebase is now being migrated to git from svn and cvs.

Another learning experience on github is codereviews. I have been contributing to jekyll-bootstrap and my code is being actively reviewed before they are merged into the repository. For example see these threads here and another one here. So in a way it has helped me improve the way I write code.

Another aspect of github is that you collaborate with people who you have never met before. The only way you communicate is via writing code :). So in a way you get an insight on how different people write code which also influences the way you write code in a possitive way.

So if you are a fan of Free and OpenSource Software like me and you like writing code, then I recommend you start using github. Start creating repositories for your projects you do, use git for version control. You might be even hired for a job by just seeing your activity on github. I am not kidding, lot of companies these days don’t look at your resume’s, instead they just want to see if you can write good code and github is the best way to prove it :)

Happy Coding!